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1964   Potpourri                 

  • Frank Zasppa introduces Jazz into rock, band, The Mothers of Invention 
  • Music world likes "Holly Dolly" by Louis Armstrong 
  • "I Get Around" by the Beach Boys is a top single  
  • Fess Parker premiers in the new TV show "Daniel Boone" 
  • New TV show Gilligan's Island is a hit 
  • Passed on; Cole Porter, Somerset Maughman, Ian Fleming, Herbert Hoover 
  • Supreme Court upholds the Civil Rights Act 
  • The Pink Panther opens at the movie theaters  
  • Hit songs are; King of The Road, Downtown, I want to Hold Your Hand 
  • A section of the Aorta is replaced by Dr. Michael DeBakey 
  • New words; Battered Child Syndrome 
  • Go-go girls dance on raised platforms in bars 
  • New dances, Dog, Swim, Frug, Watusi, Monkey 
  • Elizabeth Taylor marries Richard Burton ten days after divorcing Eddie Fisher 
  • Hell's Angels get huge media attention, dress, tattoos, Harley Davidson bikes 
  • Firsts; Ford Mustang, Kennedy half dollar, Pop-Tarts, Zip codes, Lucky Charms 

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